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Every family should have an amazing portrait of their pet.

If you have ever wondered when is the perfect time to capture your wonderful pooch, then the time is right now! Every portrait session is carefully planned around the temperament of your pet.

As a pet owner, and self-declared cat fanatic, I know how important our four-legged animals are to our families and lives. They are there to greet us every day with love and affection, regardless of our mood and are the most loyal of companions.

In talking with many of my clients, I realised that our furry friends are often left out of the photographic memories captured. I have ensured that my studio is pet friendly and work to encourage everyone to bring their “favourite” child in for a portrait!

As I am writing this with my cat Ziggy next to my keyboard, he is pawing at me to make sure he is included! I find it a unique challenge to photograph him and to try and capture the god-like creature he believes he is! I will take this same passion I have for photographing my pets and work to capture your pet’s unique personality.

I look forward to meeting you and your pet very soon.


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