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My favourite photographs are those I take of families!

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There's really is no greater love than your family.  Parents, children, Brothers and Sisters, and don't forget the pets! There is simply no other feeling like it.  When they laugh you laugh, when they cry you cry.

Life today is harder and harder to have good family time together.  School, work, business, clubs, sport, parties, the list is pretty much endless.  Lack of family time is immense. So getting them together for a family portrait session isn't always easy but it's so worth it!
My favourite family portrait sessions are when people are celebrating a new family arrival or event, maybe a new baby or even a new puppy!  Recently, children leaving for university and another for a big anniversary were fabulous reasons.   The most important thing is for the family to get together to record this moment in time.
Each shoot is shoot is full of laughter,  maybe a little banter, always wonderful memories and a tad of creativity sprinkled in for good measure.
If your family has something to celebrate, an occasion record, or you’d love a portrait of your loved ones to enjoy every day, get in touch, I'd love to hear from you!

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