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Portraits of Children have always been at the centre of my photography.  
Natural, timeless images that will always take you back to a magical time.

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All Mum's and Dad's know how special every picture is of your children and how every time you look at a frame on your wall or a page in an album, it takes you right back to that unique time of their lives, when they took their first steps, before they started school, when they turned into teenagers or even, when they left for college or university.  Mile stones, every one.

The walk in the woods sessions I photograph are a wonderful experience for creating portraits of children. It is a stunning place in it’s own right, immediately you can see it’s perfect for children’s portraiture with its alleyways, trees, benches, logs to sit on or crawl over, streams to paddle and splash in, the list goes on.  All of this helps create the stunning children's portraiture which has won me many awards.

Of course it's wonderful to be out and about, I can also arrange to either use other beauty spots which are special to you. Do you have a special location that's important to your family?  Let me know!

No matter what you prefer, I can create beautiful frames and wall art for your wall celebrating that wonderful thing which is childhood!

Here's a few of my favourite images to have a look through:

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