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How should I display my family portrait?

Jun 1, 2020 -- Posted by : admin

It's so true a photograph isn’t a photograph until it’s printed.  I’m a real believer in showcasing well loved photographs to their very best.  My home is certainly testimony to this, with moments from our lives hanging all over the place.
You've probably guessed, I’m passionate about creating beautiful images from each and every wedding and portrait session I photograph.  Capturing moments that combine the best expressions, emotions, compositions and not least lighting and settings.  
With all the care and effort we all put in to your portrait session, you’ll want to use just as much care and attention on how you choose to present your finished portraits.   Think of it as choosing the correct piece of furniture for a room,  it needs to compliment and fit into your home.  

To help you choose and to remove much of the guess work of what your portrait will look like when taking pride of place on your wall.  Many studios, mine included, use the latest cgi software which allows us to show how a portrait, even a collection of portraits, will look in a chosen frame hanging on your wall!  You simply send over an image of the wall you plan to hang your portrait on and we can show you how the finished product will look.  You can see how it works here:

Here are some ideas of different ways to present your portraits.

Gallery Frames

For many clients framing their favourite images is so important,  ensuring they are hanging on the walls at home and in pride of place on grandparents mantle pieces.  I can offer you a variety of framing options in all types of mouldings, perfect for all occasions.  The Gallery Frame Collection are made to order from a small company in Shrewsbury, using archival Giclée printing, bevel cut mounts and glass.  They arrive boxed and ready to hang.  Smaller frames are supplied with a strut to stand on a mantle piece or desk.  I can show you frame and mount samples to choose. Shear beauty without compromise.

Fine Art Float Frames

Taking fine art prints to a new whole new level!
In a nutshell, your Fine Art Float Frame is the perfect product for putting portraits in the spotlight.
This multi-level framed wall print adds depth and dimension to fine art photography. Choose from a straight edge for a sleek look or add a torn edge for a textured finish along with six frame options to choose from.

Italian Wall Art

This premium, edge to edge block style presentation is true all round perfection.   Vibrant colours and breathtaking detail. With clean, elegant lines.  My Wall Art  collection is the combination of top quality Italian design and materials merged with state-of-the-art printing all coming together seamlessly.
The rigid mono-block backing is available in different colours and fabrics, perfect in every aspect, including the edges and angles with precision to the millimetre.  These look simply incredible as a collection of panels or individually.

Portrait Albums

The great thing about albums are they will hold any amount of images and when designed with some thought tell an incredible story of your family.  This means an album will often become a treasured family heirloom for many years and often generations.  
I've used and built up a fabulous relationship with one of the worlds finest album manufactures for the past 20 years, based in Italy, just north of Venice.  Their beauty, simplicity and concept for new ideas is exactly how I like to create portraits, making images come to life.  Literally every album is a unique one off creation, comes with a lifetime binding warranty and unparalleled print quality.
Albums are available in a plethora of styles, options and materials all have attained archival status.  Here are a few options which remain popular with all.

Reveal Box

An innovative concept
Reveal Box is a totally new product.  Literally, capable of turning a box of pictures into a frame where your portraits can be changed at will.  Each Reveal Box is hand-made by skilled craftsmen and is enriched by high quality materials such as real Italian leather, linens and wood pulps.  Reveal Boxes hold between ten to twenty-five high quality Giclée portraits in deep bevel cut mounts.

As you can see there's so much we can offer to beautifuly display the portaits from your session than simply popping them onto a USB stick.  I am happy to guide you through all the options available to you.

Best wishes


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